Are you a List Maker?


In a previous post I told you how much I love Journals of all kinds.  Most of the time I use them for writing my knitting, crocheting and sewing patterns.  I can’t pass by a stack of them without checking out the new covers. I wouldn’t call it an addiction but my daughter jokingly said that I possibly needed to go to “Journal Therapy”! Chuckle!


I admit I have another habit which I consider a good one but I can seriously obsess over.  List Making!  It doesn’t matter what the occasion: A trip I’m planning or participating in a local craft fair. I have to start making a list immediately. A month before our local Christmas Bazaar, I started listing all my headbands, scarves, cowls, bags, tablecloths plus every possible accessory I would need. It was amended numerous times and even the day of the event, I was still adding to it. Good news was that I didn’t forget anything. Throughout the year, I also compile a list of all my yarn, needles with sizes and hooks which is always getting updated. Instead of going on a scavenger hunt, I have an overview of my current inventory. Blessed are my lists!


My compulsion really kicks into gear when I’m going on a trip, short or long. I did a lot of traveling last year and I noticed that my categories are growing. I start by opening my journal and write down a basic agenda including the date of my trip and categories of items I need. So far it doesn’t look too bad, right? This is only my first list. I will rewrite and reorganize this initial list at least 5 more times before I actually walk out the door. I keep my trusty list close at hand, crossing off each item that’s ready for the suitcase or tote bag. The items that didn’t get crossed off, get moved over to a new list of unpacked items until all the items are checked off.

You might consider this is a little obsessive, but it works for me. Without my journals and lists, I would be unorganized and quite frustrated. I would love to hear if you’re also a “List Maker” and any tips you’d like to share. In two weeks, my friends and I are heading over to the Oregon Coast for a few days and I’m Making A List, checking it once, twice, three times….

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  1. Meryl says:

    Journaling and creating lists are great tools to keep you on track every day. Knowing what you need to accomplish and being able to clearly see that through out your day is a fantastic way to stay accountable. Journaling and lists creating is also a great way to set your dreams and desires into motion. It allows you to get clear on the things you want in your life.

  2. Good one! I agree with this blog! List making gives a big role! thanks for sharing this!

  3. Nate says:

    Making a list of everything is something I started to do last year. I wasn’t a huge fan of it because, I’m not one for paper clutter or writing on paper. I noticed that there was something magical when I put the pen to the paper. Things started happening. If things started to work, why wouldn’t I want to make a list. So, making a list is powerful. Thanks for the reminder!

  4. Kungphoo says:

    I am a huge list maker! I make lists for just about anything and everything. I am in the process of planning my wedding this year so I’m sure you can imagine all of the list making that has been going on! 🙂

  5. Wow, great post on list building and the importance of making lists!! Thank you for sharing your valuable post, Lady Di 🙂

  6. I’m with you! Love list building! AND I don’t think you’re obsessive…well, not that much! LOL! Enjoyed your post. Thank you for sharing. Oh, your first pic is beautiful. 🙂

  7. I used to obsess over listmaking. Then the list itself became a chore and something I ignored so Ihad to balance things out and use the listmaking selectively.

    • ladydi says:

      I’m glad Robin that you are able to use your lists productively. I am a visual learner so having that list in front of me and able to manipulate those items is important to me. However, I don’t go off track if I don’t have one each time. It’s my way of being focused on the task. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  8. I love looking for the right journal/notebook. Cover really make a difference to me.

    I’m a list maker when I have a deadline or I’m planning something. I’ve using them more in business lately and I do get things done. It also helps me breakdown a huge goal into doable steps.

  9. Veronica says:

    I am so not a list maker and that gets me into trouble all the time because I have the worst memory. I really need to practice doing this

  10. Christine says:

    I totally agree with making lists. Can’t do without them, especially when going on a trip. A lot of people use their phone to make lists. I still prefer the pencil and paper method. Did I just date myself?

  11. Rita Barakat says:

    I am excreted the same way! Lol!

  12. Clau says:

    Lists are always helpful. I love lists too

  13. Lovely post! As a professional writer, you can imagine the amount of pages I’ve written. I love journals, but my mind so easily and naturally links from one thought to the next, from one topic to the next, that making lists and making notes about things became ridiculous on paper. Evernote is my constant companion. I have over 1400 separate files (notes) all neatly arranged in folders with subfolders underneath. Every topic I think about, I have a note or series of notes about it. And the fact that I can search for any term in the note and find it within seconds REALLY helps me stay organized. I’m a serious list creator. My engineering background demands that I do lots of things in spreadsheet form and I refuse to duplicate efforts. So, for example, I have my shopping list already created and when I need to go to the store, I quickly tick off the things I need this trip. When my former husband and I used to go camping, there was quite a list of things to prepare and take on the journey. So I made a master list and referred to it each time we began preparing for another adventure. I’m so over the top about this list creation that one of my clients feels the spreadsheet I developed for her blog was worth all the money she spent hiring me to help her develop her business and online presence.

    • ladydi says:

      Thanks Takara for sharing about Evernote. I have it on both my Ipad mini and my laptop. I’ve used it a few times but actually forget I have it. This is a good reminder. I was a legal secretary for years so organization was a key in my job. I agree with the folders that have subfolders like my lists have their own lists! Have a great weekend.

  14. Couldn’t imagine a day without a list. I love how you ‘list’ your inventory and supplies. I would love to someday but won’t stop to do it. Love how sharing a personal trait is so universal.

    • ladydi says:

      Roslyn, I have to list these items before a craft show as a reminder to “take it with me” and make sure they get packed. Inventory helps me coordinate with my Etsy shop which I put on vacation when I’m at the Show. Many of my items are one of a kind and if sold at the show, don’t want to get home and find out someone bought it on line. Yikes! Thanks for your comments.

  15. Brenda Young says:

    I only make 2 lists, grocery list app on my phone and a checklist for camping trips, oh 3 including Christmas gifts otherwise I’m a on the fly type of gal!

    • ladydi says:

      Brenda, I don’t have a smart style phone so paper lists are important to me. When I forget my list for the store, I have to call hubby so he can read the list to me and we chuckle. It’s an aging thing! lol

  16. I carry one in my purse just to write things down that inspire me or I should remember for later. I love journals!

    • ladydi says:

      Carmen, I carry a small notepad in my “small” purse but for meetings and get togethers with friends, I always have one of my journals in my tote bag. Journals are the best!

  17. La Cartera says:

    I am guilty too! I LOVE journals, and I’m always making lists. Usually the list ends up on scrap paper. LOL I have list everywhere and I think it would be better if someone would make a journal that I could attach to my wrist. That way It could be with me every-time I needed to jot something down. 🙂

    • ladydi says:

      Hey Sheila, let’s make a wrist journal and make some $$$! haha When I see something on line that I want to try, I have one of my journals next to me and write it down. Weeks later I’ve gone back to work on the idea.

  18. I always have a list somewhere and end up writing another because I can’t find the first one.. Then inevitably I end up forgetting something on the first list but always have more to add! LOL 🙂 Have a great day!

    • ladydi says:

      Haha..I totally understand. It’s hard to remember what was on the “lost” first list and you end up adding more items to the new list. List making has almost become a religion for me! lol JK

  19. Your list looks exactly like the one I have right now on my computer desk to the right. My mom was a list maker and I inherited it. It brings me comfort. When the day is over and I’m snuggled in bed watching a favorite TV show, I bring my notebook with me….just in case I think of something! LOL

    • ladydi says:

      Wonderful! I sometimes feel alone in my world of lists! haha It is comforting to snuggle in bed at night and be able to see that everything is checked out the list. Always have that trusty little book next to the bed so you can quickly jot down that important item. Thanks for commenting Ellie.

  20. Darla says:

    Even though I use my computer and iPhone for notes I still love to use paper for list, notes and doodling too:) It’s funny, my daughter is a huge list maker too! Great post Diana.

    • ladydi says:

      I think I’ve always liked to use pens and pencils my whole life. I do love typing and I was a secretary for many years without computers! Thanks for sharing your comments Darla

  21. Ann Butler says:

    Big time list maker!

  22. Journaling, lists oh I am addicted. What a great post. Thank you for sharing your insights. #sscnet

  23. Simona says:

    Too bad I can’t post a picture for you. I make To Do lists every day – they fill a page. I make lists before going shopping and before Christmas, so I make sure everyone gets presents and they feel equally treasured. Yep, I am a list maker, that’s the best way to get things done…

    • ladydi says:

      Simona I would love to see your lists! Sometimes you just can’t live without them. I listing books I want to read right now from Amazon for my Reader and checking my local library to see if they have them first! Long “list” already 🙂 Thanks for sharing

  24. I’m addicted to list writing, too, and having cute journals definitely makes it more fun!

  25. I am definitely a list maker! I SO appreciate seeing your list and knowing I’m not alone! LOL

  26. This is a great system. You have found an essential element – using a system that works for you! It doesn’t matter if others may think. It keeps you organized and on track. That is awesome!

  27. Robin Strohmaier says:

    Diana, yes I am a list maker, too. I have a write daily lists on a notebook calendar, This system definitely helps me keep organized and focused. I have been doing this for many years now. Thank you for the great reminder and for sharing your thoughts on this.

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