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Craft Addictions


Do you have a craft addiction?  Do you have stacks of fabric, a hidden stash of yarn, the newest paper crafting tools?  Join the club of thousands of serious artisans. I would never say that we’re hoarders we just appreciate the need to have slightly more of our product than the casual crafter.

About 20 years ago, I got the urge to start crocheting again which meant the usual afghan for family and friends. I knew nothing about quality yarn so I’d just purchase it from a retail store. They had many beautiful colors and combinations to choose from and I was happy as a clam to take my five or six skeins home.  When I found that perfect ripple pattern, I was in afghan heaven, using the softest yarn and newest decorator colors to hit the market. You can’t imagine my distress when they discontinued my favorite yarn! Fortunately I had maybe 10 extra skeins in my big stash to fall back on. That was a serious mother lode for me back then.

 2013-11-23 09.46.38

Fast forward to the present day! With the guidance of a yarn shop owner about ten years ago, I learned that all yarn is not created equal. Really, isn’t it just fibers woven together? Don’t tell that to a serious spinner or an alpaca farm owner! It didn’t take long for me to crave using some of the luscious alpaca, Peruvian wools, bamboo and silk yarns on the market.  New to the Etsy Shop scene, I knew it would be important to use good quality yarn. This was the beginning of my “need” to increase my inventory. Gone were the days of buying only 100% acrylics which the shop owner called “dinosaur yarn”! I seriously could not go on a trip without checking out if there was a LYS (local yarn shop) in the area. When my husband and I go out shopping together, he always says “Do you need to stop at your shop?” Silly question!

I never would have imagined years later, from that first yarn lesson, that I would have such a comfortable inventory of beautiful colors and wonderful fibers. The fun is not just buying it but touching the fibers.  It’s like being a kid in a toy store and you don’t know which skein you want because the choices and delicious colors are endless. Gone are the days of grabbing a few skeins off the retail shelf. I’m not a yarn snob (cough) because I do have acrylics in my stash. I would never admit to how many skeins I have because a lady never reveals private information!


No matter what your passion is, be fully committed.  I love to see artisans share their incredible studios, craft rooms filled with their goods, cupboards of gorgeous fabric waiting to be sewn.   Enjoy the process and continue to share your ideas and art.  It’s what motivates and inspires that new crafter who can’t wait to try making that sweater, quilt, or painting.   Would love for you to share your craft addictions and photos!

Are you a List Maker?


In a previous post I told you how much I love Journals of all kinds.  Most of the time I use them for writing my knitting, crocheting and sewing patterns.  I can’t pass by a stack of them without checking out the new covers. I wouldn’t call it an addiction but my daughter jokingly said that I possibly needed to go to “Journal Therapy”! Chuckle!


I admit I have another habit which I consider a good one but I can seriously obsess over.  List Making!  It doesn’t matter what the occasion: A trip I’m planning or participating in a local craft fair. I have to start making a list immediately. A month before our local Christmas Bazaar, I started listing all my headbands, scarves, cowls, bags, tablecloths plus every possible accessory I would need. It was amended numerous times and even the day of the event, I was still adding to it. Good news was that I didn’t forget anything. Throughout the year, I also compile a list of all my yarn, needles with sizes and hooks which is always getting updated. Instead of going on a scavenger hunt, I have an overview of my current inventory. Blessed are my lists!


My compulsion really kicks into gear when I’m going on a trip, short or long. I did a lot of traveling last year and I noticed that my categories are growing. I start by opening my journal and write down a basic agenda including the date of my trip and categories of items I need. So far it doesn’t look too bad, right? This is only my first list. I will rewrite and reorganize this initial list at least 5 more times before I actually walk out the door. I keep my trusty list close at hand, crossing off each item that’s ready for the suitcase or tote bag. The items that didn’t get crossed off, get moved over to a new list of unpacked items until all the items are checked off.

You might consider this is a little obsessive, but it works for me. Without my journals and lists, I would be unorganized and quite frustrated. I would love to hear if you’re also a “List Maker” and any tips you’d like to share. In two weeks, my friends and I are heading over to the Oregon Coast for a few days and I’m Making A List, checking it once, twice, three times….

Three Rivers Christmas Bazaar – Southern Oregon!


Hello again! We’re going to be at the Three Rivers Christmas Bazaar at North Valley High School – in Merlin, Oregon (Monument Valley) all day today! If you’re local, please stop by, there are so many amazing vendors & even some etsy shops who will be there! We’ll be there from 8am-4pm .. stop by and say hi to us and enjoy the savings (most of our items are on sale today)!!!


The Ladies

Lady Like Accessories Wreckless

We’ve Moved (Etsy)!


Well, hello there! We have finally moved to a sweet little streamlined /shopladylike address for our store! YAY. Do you know how long we’ve waited to be able to do this (thank you, Etsy for making this possible!)? We’re pretty happy. We just can’t get enough of Etsy these days. We also can’t get enough of cable knits .. so we’re making pretty little chunky cable knit hats this weekend .. images coming soon! We’re hoping to carry them in store for winter. We’ll be slowly adding to our Fall/Winter collection in the coming weeks. We are so excited.

Find our shop here now:

Much love, and I leave you with a perty little mustard cable knit pillow that we adore!
The Ladies

The Beauty Department – Short Hair Chignon


Have you seen The Beauty Department? It’s a dainty little blog run by a few girls (Maybe you’ve heard of them: Lauren Conrad, Kristin Ess and Amy Nadine) who post tutorials and offer up tidbits and helpful hints that make you want to be the best Lady you can be! This is one of their most recent video tutorials and we love it because you can wear your Lady Like headband like this! Check it out!

The Beauty Department