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A New Passion – Sewing

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Quite a few years ago, well actually 3 decades, I just had my first little girl and like all new mothers, you want to make that special keepsake gift for them.  One you’ll save in a box, cherish until it’s time to pass it along to them.  One day I came up with an idea to sew her a flannel nightie.  Sounds really simple right!  First problem, I didn’t have a sewing machine and didn’t know how to sew. I found a used one at a sewing center and was floating on air.  Off to the fabric store I went, found an “Easy Sew” pattern, just the cutest material and was ready to start cutting and stitching.

Since I had no experience with the operation of a sewing machine, I think it was a older White, I had to first learn how to operate it.   It had the craziest threader and bobbin casing. That crunching sound it makes when something isn’t lined up right is not exciting to a newbie! Hours later I was finally ready to go.  I actually discovered that I had a little talent, as long as the machine cooperated, and sewed the cutest nightgown.  I even figured out how to put in sleeves.  Miracle time!  I was all ready to do the finishing touches when I realized I had put the interfacing in backwards!  Details, details! I would have had to take most of it apart because of the pattern design. Being somewhat of a perfectionist in some areas, I felt defeated.  I’m embarrassed to tell you that I threw it in a box and didn’t finish it!  My sewing days were over. Secret time – I still have it in that box!


I didn’t totally give up sewing.  A few years ago, I bought a new machine and started teaching myself how to make the usual beginners potholders, coasters and took a beginner’s quilting class which I loved.  I started making tote bags for family and friends.  A new opportunity for selling them in a retail Etsy store in Oregon has opened up, together with my crochet and knit products.


I’m so excited to be using my newly found talent and enjoy the challenge of new designs.  One of the best parts of sewing is going to the fabric store and choosing from hundreds of bolts of material. If you have a dream to start a new craft or adventure, give it a try.  I never would have thought that sewing would become another passion after that first disaster.



Fun Gifts


These are the table placemats and napkins I gave as gifts also. Had so much fun making them!!!!


Here’s some of the fun things I made this past holiday season.

New Year 2009

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Not an exciting title for sure, but just a little insight into this coming year. I’ve worked on many projects for Christmas gifts, some of which include knitting bags for my crafty friends, socks, hats, fingerless gloves. It seemed like the projects were just rolling off my fingers!!! Have lots of surprise ideas for this year.

Hope everyone has a wonderful new year.

Denise’s baby washclothes and burp towels

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Baby Bailey, my first great niece, is about to be born anyday and I finished all her gifts. So enjoyed making the quilt, baby washcloths, burb towels, receiving blanket, sweaters/socks and knitted blanket. Oh my gosh…did I really do that many things. It was sooooo much fun and now ready to work on Baby Cooper’s things. Will keep you posted on my new projects as they get finished.

Sweater for baby girl

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Well I’m on the sleeve of the baby sweater I’m knitting for baby girl great niece. Just found out my other niece is having another boy…that’s okay…boys are special too! Can’t wait to pull out the blue yarn and finish up with the pink stuff. Have to find out what Trish’s theme for baby boy is going to be so I can make another baby quilt….so much to do…hope I have enough time.

Just finished watching Nim’s Island…hey, anyone out there…it was a sweet movie. Loved it! Recommend it for laughs!!!

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