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Terrific six weeks of quilting

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Final class today was a world of new techniques and discussing the pleasure of handwork.  It has truly been a gift to share projects and thoughts with these women in the group.  Lots of fun, laughter and fortunately no pulling out of hair!  Mike Sandifer was a terrific teacher with a wealth of techniques and patient with us.  She showed us how to sandwich our quilt the proper way, even though I did it “my” way at home and it was not quite right.  I appreciated Mike’s gentleness in explaining the proper way.  We also learned how to machine quilt and it wasn’t as overwhelming as we thought. She was always supportive and would love to take another class from her.  I will be posting my finished quilt as soon as everything is done…or maybe sooner.

Last day of quilt class

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Happy Tuesday everyone.  Today is my last day of the wonderful quilting class that I was fortunate to take.  I have posted pictures of the blocks and the top put together.  I have the quilt top, batting and back “sandwiched” together and I’m ready to head to class shortly.  Today we will be learning how to machine quilt with just our regular machines.  Really excited to learn how to do that.  I’ll let you know how it goes or if I’ve pulled out all my hair in frustration.

Weeks 1-4 of quilting class

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I have been so remiss in not posting my quilting blocks from class.  I’m bad…I know.  Recap of lessons:  we’ve learned Crockett Cabin, 9-Patch, Dutchman’s Puzzle, Summers Winds, Maple Star and Sawtooth Star.  I think my favorite so far is Dutchman’s Puzzle.  I love the way you can create a windmill in the center of the block and showcase it with color galore.   I also like Summer Winds.  I  promised myself to get pics up and on the blog by next week.  My vagabond daughter, Kristy, took off today for Bend with her Auntie until Wed.  Since she’s my in-house professional photographer, she is insisting on taking pics of each block.  So I’ll have to wait until she shows up again at home.  She definitely doesn’t let the grass grow under her feet for very long.  I can’t wait to see them in pictures. edit: her images just added below!

Life has been busy lately.  Kristy returned from Europe for a few months, moved daughter Lynsey to her new home in Medford, and helped my niece load her belongings for her move to Bend.  Lots of moving going on around here.  Feel like it’s my turn!  Any takers? Here we come!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend and remember the men and women who fought bravely and also died for our freedom.  We salute them!


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I’m so excited to begin my first lesson in quilting today.  Actually, I have to give credit to my dear cousin Andi in Virginia who taught me the basics.  She got me hooked on the “idea” of quilting when I was visiting a few years ago. She tried to cram in as much instruction into a few days as possible.  She didn’t have a very good student at that time.  I was all thumbs in cutting and piecing and have been “winging it” for too long.  Time to learn all the techniques and how to finish a quilt to look professional.  My sweet Bible study gals gave me this 6 week class as a birthday present.  I will love them forever for this incredible gift.  By the way, Andi is an expert quilter and her quilts are gorgeous.

Not only did Andi try to teach me quilting, she also rekindled my remembrance of knitting as a child.  From 3000 miles away, she retaught me how to knit because I was basically just crocheting then. Can you imagine teaching someone how to cast on over the phone after all those years…on straight needles!  HAHAHA  What a riot!!  Thank goodness for You Tube videos.  I’m not saying that crocheting isn’t wonderful but she showed me sweaters she was knitting for her grandchildren.  I wanted to make these beautiful sweaters for family too.  I don’t need to say much more, but my stash of yarn has been growing for the past 6 years.  I love to knit sweaters, socks, hats, gloves…don’t care for blankets.  Too time consuming and you have to wait sooooo long for the end product.  I’m impatient that way.

So off I go to refine what I already know and have a wonderful time in the process.  I will keep you updated on my quilt and will be posting pics of my new baby sweater which is almost finished.

Sunshine and happy

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Today the sun is shining and the leaves are popping on our Blue Ash trees.  My flower gardens are starting to take hold in the dirt and blossoming out.  I love it.  BUT, the lettuce in my veggie garden is still lonely.  No new veggies planted yet because of the frost.  It was down to 37 deg. last night and tomatoes, peppers and squash definitely like it warmer.  Two more weeks and I should have at least 10 tomato plants, six squash, beans and peas in the ground.  Let’s not forget the cukes, carrots and radishes!  I know it’s only May 2nd but I’m already jazzed about canning in September!  I know, I’m nuts about canning tomato sauce with crooked neck, zucchini, peppers and onions.  It’s a great spaghetti sauce and soup base and it stores for a long time.

Our apple tree has so many blooms on it this time since hubby pruned it and the bees are buzzing! GO BEES GO!!! Yeah.  Last year it was sad.  Hardly any apples to freeze and make delicious apple sauce.  Dad’s tree is full this year with eating apples the size of a softball.  Each one is a meal in itself.  Can’t wait…I know…be patient.

Starting my quilting class this Tuesday.  So thrilled to learn how to “really” quilt.  I’ve faked it long enough.  I bought the most beautiful teal with choc. brown leaves, one cream with bees and Oriental batiks with luscious muted teals and lavender, choc. brown, butterfly motif and leaves.  There seems to be a theme going on here.  All about plants and insects! hehehe Oh my gosh…I’m so tempted to start cutting but have to wait until Tues.  Dang it!  Will post progress.

Almost finished with the body on second baby sweater.  Next step is to put on the sleeves from the holders, knit them down and find cute buttons for both finished sweaters.  The yarn is amazing.  It’s Universal Classic Worsted Tapestry that I bought at a LYS and each color palette knits up differently.  The first sweater was green and blue and it striped.  So I thot this second one would do the same.  I thot something was wrong with the yarn.  No,  this palette knits up with a Norwegian style pattern and just cute as a button.  Can’t wait to see on the baby!  I got Cloudy Daze which is brown, two shades of gray and black.  Sounds “dark” for 3-6 mo. old BUT, it’s great!  So excited to post it when I get the sleeves done.  I sometimes don’t like surprises with yarn, but this was a welcoming and pleasing surprise.  Will post soon.

That’s it from Southern Oregon where the sun is shining, the sky is blue with fluffy clouds and basking in the joy of life.

End of April

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Can’t believe it’s the end of April. So anxious for warm weather to plant my veggie garden. It’s all prepped and ready for the plants. The garden looks lonely, with just a few rows of lettuce and lots of dirt. Went to Masters Gardeners event in town on Saturday and saw all these incredibly healthy, beautiful tomato and pepper plants. I wanted to buy all of them. But have to wait a few weeks until the ground warms up and frost warnings are over.

Have been doing some knitting and sewing but not as much as I’d like. Still working on baby sweaters and some sewing projects. I start my new quilting class next Tuesday which I’m so excited about. I’ve made quilts for family and babies but I really want to learn all the tricks of quilting. The real deal!

Having book club girls here tonight for our monthly meeting. We read “The Help” which was a terrific novel and would recommend it. So off I go to start cooking my “famous” beef barley stew/soup which everyone asks for.

Denise’s baby washclothes and burp towels

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Baby Bailey, my first great niece, is about to be born anyday and I finished all her gifts. So enjoyed making the quilt, baby washcloths, burb towels, receiving blanket, sweaters/socks and knitted blanket. Oh my gosh…did I really do that many things. It was sooooo much fun and now ready to work on Baby Cooper’s things. Will keep you posted on my new projects as they get finished.

Pooh Quilt is done


so excited…I finished my niece’s pooh quilt for upcoming baby girl in October. All I have to do is whip stitch around the binding and it’s finished. I’ll take a picture of it when it’s totally finished. It’s a beautiful morning and God is so good to us.