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A few years ago, I was introduced to Pinterest and signed up for my shopladylike account.  Following their help site, I started out by adding basic board names like Sewing, Knitting, and Recipes, the topics I enjoyed reading.  I added a few pins here and there but wasn’t too excited about it.  Then I read articles about The Power of Pinterest which encouraged businesses to use this tool to advertise their products. I took this advice and added my Etsy Shop.   As my fascination with pinning increased, I found a whole new world of creativity.  There is literally a board for every conceivable topic you can imagine.


As I expanded my search into new areas, I discovered that Pinterest contained a wealth of links to books, music, cooking, and endless tutorials.  When you pin from one board, you’re immediately directed to another pinner’s board.  It’s a continuous chess game of jumping from board to board and very addicting.

Since my initiation, I’ve added more specific topics and have increased my number of followers. The more you pin, the more interaction.  My blogging tips, social media and tutorial boards is a virtual filing cabinet of information at my fingertips.  Although I keep a tab on my computer for blog posts I need to read, I also Pin them.  I love that my Facebook Groups have their own space and I can add their pins directly to it.

Pinterest is less personal where you don’t actually link up with your followers.  Sometimes I’d like to say “Hey, thanks for pinning from my website”.  By re-pinning from their board it’s a special thank you back to them.  But seriously, with Facebook and Twitter, there’s enough socializing to last a lifetime.  I love spending time pinning to my Expressions and Quotes and my other favorite Book Lovin’.  Stop by and see me on Pinterest sometime.