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Mother/Daughter Businesses

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A few years ago, handmade crocheted and knitted accessories for women and children was the rage.  Anything vintage-inspired was flying off the shelves.  My daughter Kristy suggested that I create headbands for ladies and toddlers with a 20’s and 30’s style. After testing the local craft markets we had some reasonable success. We knew it had to be a collaboration of our strengths in order to move the business beyond our own backyard.


Since my daughter is a blog designer and photographer and I loved working with yarn, our joint venture seemed obvious.  The idea of actually selling it on the open market was a little daunting at first.  Etsy was the new on line storefront to showcase handmade items with minimal financial upstart money.  It seemed the perfect opportunity to test market our products.

We had to first sit down and talk about branding, colors and design ideas. Simple, right? Let me say that both of us are very independent thinkers.  Although we had the same vision in which direction we wanted Lady Like to go, we had some kinks to work out.  Definitely not taking everything personal was a hurdle to overcome. Through time, we’ve learned to respect differing opinions.  It’s not about who’s right or wrong but rather giving each person a chance to share their ideas,  good or bad.  When you put all concepts on the table and brainstorm, wonderful results can happen.

One important aspect of a joint business is that each one deserves credit for their work.  In our business, my handmade items are displayed in our Etsy Shop,  my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and all other media sites.  At first glance,  it might appear that I’m Shopladylike which is far from true!  Without Kristy’s expertise in her gorgeous photography, building my blog site and additional technical needs, there would be no business.  Her style, adventurous personality and creative mind keeps my fingers working on our next idea.  After all, it’s a partnership.

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I can’t tell you how many times people have commented how wonderful it is to see a mother and daughter working together. I’ve also noticed more mother/daughter enterprises telling their unique stories of success.  Kristy and I have shared a special journey with our small business.  It has stretched our creative juices and opened up an opportunity I never would have dreamed of.  Because of the business, I’ve met some wonderful people on social media who continue to inspire me.  If you’re thinking of taking that step to join your mother or daughter in business, it can be a rewarding experience like ours.  I would love to hear your family business adventures and any advice would like to share.

The Changes of Autumn

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I’m actually a summer girl.  I love the warmth of the sun on my face,  the flowers and veggies in bloom.  I love to walk outside early in the morning, be welcomed by the buds of new roses and the hint of lilacs floating in the air.  So when the cooler temps and the rains start in So. Oregon, I realize that another year is winding down and the beauty of mother nature is upon us.  It seems to happen overnight.  One moment it’s sunny and toasty and within a few weeks I’m wearing a sweater on those early morning visits to the garden.

We also have to deal with the fog rolling in but sometimes it can be beautiful.  Today was one of those times.  Living with the backdrop of a pasture behind our home, I couldn’t resist taking a photo of my favorite horse up on the hill,  barely visible in the mist.  He doesn’t even know how famous he is,  appearing in my blog posts and on Facebook!


I was raised in upstate New York and looked forward to Autumn with its spectacular pallet of colors.   All those huge maple leaves in brilliant shades of gold, red and orange gently blanketing the ground.  Only problem is you have to rake them!

I’m happy to say that Oregon, in all its splendor, continues to remind me of those back East memories.   I appreciate the gift of having four seasons here and I anticipate each change.  I love the first blooms of flowers in the Spring, the vegetable garden in the Summer,  the final burst of color on the trees in October and even the unexpected snow showers of December.


I was hoping that this nestle of trees and all the glorious colors would stay a few more days so I could capture this picture.  Mother Nature did not disappoint me.    I wish you all a wonderful Autumn season as you enjoy the landscapes in your town.  These beautiful splashes of color won’t be here for long so I’m going to enjoy them while I can.

Love Endures, It Will Never Fade Away

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Love is in the air! So is our North Carolinian Lady Like model, Cali, whose boyfriend is receiving the sweetest, most perfect smooch. You might have seen that we’ve updated our Valentine’s line with newbies! We sell heart headbands year round, but we’re in love with the way Cali wears hers for this photoshoot. Wrecklessgirl is scheduled to post the rest of this session on her blog very soon!