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Winterfest 2013

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Happy December 6, 2013!  And there’s a storm brewing outside!  Southern Oregon doesn’t get many snow storms each year but this one is packing a good punch across most of Oregon, California and moving east.  I just couldn’t resist running outside in the falling snow and taking some pictures and even a video.  Just can’t waste an opportunity to capture Mother Nature at her most beautiful! I hope you enjoy these photos.


For the first 22 years of my life, I lived in Buffalo, New York and snow was not something you enjoyed.  Actually, it was a pain to drive around in.  Lake effect snow was the worse possible event.  Experiencing my first Southern California Christmas was a bit of a shock.  It was warm, light sweater wardrobe and no snow.  I got used to the moderate temps and then six years later we moved to Southern Oregon.  Heard that it did snow here once in a while.  I was truly excited about the chance to see the white fluffy cotton once again.

I have to admit that each year we don’t get some snow I’m a bit disappointed.  Well,  this morning and throughout this weekend, I won’t have to worry about that.  A big storm front bringing 2″ to 6″ of snow and icy conditions is the forecast.  It is snowing beautifully right now and glad I don’t have to go anywhere today or tomorrow.   I was supposed to have a booth at our local craft fair but has been postponed until next weekend!  Thankful for the reschedule because I have lots of inventory right now!  Here’s just a sampling!  Most of these are in our Etsy shop.


I love to take photos of the snow on shrubs or plants. It’s so beautiful when the leaves, flowers and berries have a little icing on top and that little bit of color peeking out from the snow.


We are in an almost whiteout condition right now.  About 2-1/2″ on the ground.  For anyone who has read my blog over the past year or follows me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen pictures of my “famous” horse in the pasture behind our house.  She’s not really my horse but I feel an affection for her because she allows me to post photos of her on line!  Through the blizzard a few minutes ago, I noticed her on the top of hill with her blanket over her back and I couldn’t resist grabbing my camera and getting a new picture of her in the snow.


Today will be a memorable day that we might not see again in a few years.  To journal these moments and photos has been a pleasure and I hope you enjoy them.  Just a quick video of our street earlier before the blizzard.  Enjoy!



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Thank you for your business this year! We are blessed to create pretty things that you gorgeous ladies can feel lovely wearing! We’re having a sale on Black Friday (tomorrow)!!! Check out our etsy shop to redeem your coupon for 15% off!

The Ladies

Lady Like Accessories Thanksgiving Black Friday Sale

57 Variety’s Lady Like Giveaway!!

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We’re so excited that there’s a sweet little giveaway of one of our headbands on our friend’s blog– 57 Varieties –right now! Win a FREE HEADBAND!! We’re also offering 15% off to all her blog readers who buy one of our headbands!

Check out her blog! Click the image to go to her blog.

First Friday

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This 1st Friday in September was an exciting and memorable one indeed. Wreckless Photography and House of James had Open House to their newly renovated photography studio. With the renovations came the burst of natural light into the space that is almost heavenly. The transformation has been spectacular to watch. A beautiful display of images could be seen throughout the Studio.

Christine & Christopher

Mother & Daughter moment

Another highlight of the evening was the display of our local artisan and teacher, Julie Rae Bickle. Her work could be viewed in every room of the Del*light Creative Space and Julie was on hand to discuss her pieces with the guests. Three musicians from Grants Pass provided the entertainment and Ashleigh Powley of Troon Vineyard provided the guests with a sampling of their wine.

I was fortunate to have my newly created Lady Like hair clip designs on display and for sale. Sales were brisk and special orders were taken that evening. I would like to thank Heather Smith for the opportunity to have the clips on sale at her salon in Del*light and to daughter Kristy of Wreckless for the encouragement to step out and try something new. It was wonderful seeing old friends and meeting new ones too. Grants Pass is a small community with a big heart and 1st Fridays each month is a great place to reconnect with friends. I’m glad I was able to be a part of this event for the first time in 30 years in Grants Pass.   Hope to see you next month at Del*light Creative Space on the corner of 5th and G St.

Julie Rae Bickle, Artist of the month



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