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Mother/Daughter Businesses

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A few years ago, handmade crocheted and knitted accessories for women and children was the rage.  Anything vintage-inspired was flying off the shelves.  My daughter Kristy suggested that I create headbands for ladies and toddlers with a 20’s and 30’s style. After testing the local craft markets we had some reasonable success. We knew it had to be a collaboration of our strengths in order to move the business beyond our own backyard.


Since my daughter is a blog designer and photographer and I loved working with yarn, our joint venture seemed obvious.  The idea of actually selling it on the open market was a little daunting at first.  Etsy was the new on line storefront to showcase handmade items with minimal financial upstart money.  It seemed the perfect opportunity to test market our products.

We had to first sit down and talk about branding, colors and design ideas. Simple, right? Let me say that both of us are very independent thinkers.  Although we had the same vision in which direction we wanted Lady Like to go, we had some kinks to work out.  Definitely not taking everything personal was a hurdle to overcome. Through time, we’ve learned to respect differing opinions.  It’s not about who’s right or wrong but rather giving each person a chance to share their ideas,  good or bad.  When you put all concepts on the table and brainstorm, wonderful results can happen.

One important aspect of a joint business is that each one deserves credit for their work.  In our business, my handmade items are displayed in our Etsy Shop,  my Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, and all other media sites.  At first glance,  it might appear that I’m Shopladylike which is far from true!  Without Kristy’s expertise in her gorgeous photography, building my blog site and additional technical needs, there would be no business.  Her style, adventurous personality and creative mind keeps my fingers working on our next idea.  After all, it’s a partnership.

IMG_0330  1526473_554852201273404_571125256_n

I can’t tell you how many times people have commented how wonderful it is to see a mother and daughter working together. I’ve also noticed more mother/daughter enterprises telling their unique stories of success.  Kristy and I have shared a special journey with our small business.  It has stretched our creative juices and opened up an opportunity I never would have dreamed of.  Because of the business, I’ve met some wonderful people on social media who continue to inspire me.  If you’re thinking of taking that step to join your mother or daughter in business, it can be a rewarding experience like ours.  I would love to hear your family business adventures and any advice would like to share.

Craft Business or Hobby?

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How many times has your business been confused with being a hobby rather than a legitimate endeavor? Have family or friends complimented you on finding a craft to fill your extra time?  Then there’s the one person who says, “It’s a great hobby but you can’t make any real money”! Really! I believe the problem lies in the assumption of what constitutes a craft.  I looked at a few of these terms according to Wikipedia:

A craft is a pastime or a profession that requires some particular kind of skilled work. Hobbies are practiced primarily for interest and enjoyment, rather than financial reward. A business, also known as an enterprise or a firm, is an organization involved in the trade of goods, services, or both to consumers.

There it is, in black and white. The first one for using your skills as a pastime, the second one is simply for enjoyment, and the latter is for making money. When Etsy (an internet storefront to buy and sell handmade items) launched, crafters and hobbyists finally had a venue to showcase their wares. This was the first great opportunity for millions to transform their craft into a business.

My friend Tracey recently shared her perspective, “The contribution that hand crafters make to the cultural stability of our culture, keeps alive and updates crafts that are inherited from family and history. Many crafters today have combined modern technology with ancient skills to make all things old new again.”

The terms we use to define ourselves is how others see us. I am a crafter but I am firstly a designer and creator of handmade fiber products. Whether you are a photographer, painter, card maker, wood or metal worker, or quilter, you are a talented artisan and deserve the respect of the business community.

Winter Craft Fair 2013 and the Storm

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Seriously, we had the weirdest weather at the beginning of December where I live in Southern Oregon.  The area got hit with one of the hardest snow storms in many years together with temperatures at 5 degrees at night and icy roads.  Our big local Christmas fair was cancelled on December 7th due to the severe weather and rescheduled to the following Saturday.  The problem on the next Saturday was ice covered roads.  The temperature rose a little bit but people were just afraid to drive even after two weeks and so was I! It was a pretty picture as you can see but dangerous.


Fortunately, my good friend Pat helped me out by taking us in her big 4-wheel drive truck on the 15 mile trek to the Show!  I never could have made it in my vehicle.  I so appreciate her!  Thanks Pat!  My friend Cheryl from Lady Lemaire and I have shared a booth for 3 years and it’s always fun!

IMG_1959    IMG_1948

The event was not well attended due to the weather but Pat, Cheryl and I had so much fun. There was plenty of laughter and people watching throughout the long day.  Thankful for all the customers who were willing to drive to the show in very bad road conditions.

IMG_1945 IMG_1943

As this year ends and a new one begins,  I want to thank all the new friends I’ve met on line through a Creatives group.  Their knowledge and support is immeasurable and I appreciate each one of them.

Lady Like & Little Yellow Couch

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It’s the beginning of October, the leaves are starting to fall and Lady Like has a little bit of exciting news to share with you.  For me, it’s been a very busy week since my last blog post.  Crafting days with friends, dinner with family, and totally reorganizing my guest room.   To add to the busyness,  Lady Like was contacted by littleyellowcouch , a new upstart company offering a specialty box each month showcasing three new designers each month.   They were drawn to our vintage inspired items and the 30’s and 40’s era photography by wrecklesscreative  and invited us to be part of their October offering.  Zandra and Karen June, the two ladies from LYC,  have been wonderful to work with and made our decision to participate easy.  How much fun is creating a new headband design and using a new yarn color!  Here’s the basket of headbands that I recently shipped to Massachusetts!


Our new design is a simple ruffle flower, with a stretchy comfortable headband in a teal blend,  pure merino from Malabrigo.  The different shades of aqua are so subtle and beautiful.  It reminds me of my trip to the Caribbean this past February and it’s gorgeous waters.


The headband is now part of their October offering entitled “Let’s Be Civilized”.  Stop by and visit their website and get to know the gals.   Here’s the blog post and I encourage you to read their sweet posts:




“EXPECT” 2013

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“EXPECT” 2013

I’ve noticed that every “New Year’s Day”, many bloggers ask their readers what special word they’ve chosen for the new year.  I was challenged to think of a word for 2013 after reading Gussy Sews post entitled “Hello 2013”.  It started me thinking about my word and at first I considered “Breathe”. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of shuffling bible study lessons, running errands, filling our Etsy shop orders or just taking care of my home and family, I sometimes forget to really Breathe.  You may ask how I can forget to breathe:  Easy, I forget to exhale. I’m usually holding my breath! I’ve discovered that I do that quite a bit of the time, especially when I’m anxious, reading or even crocheting. I gasp and then inhale deeply. Good gracious me! It’s an annoying habit I’ve developed and I realized that breathe wasn’t quite word I wanted to start off 2013. But I will be working on the exhaling part.

I truly dislike choosing any kind of resolution on January 1st but picking “my” word definitely was making a resolution of sorts.  I took this task seriously and after some deliberation, I knew what my word would be:  EXPECT!! You can’t get more positive than that!  It’s such a small word but holds so much anticipation and excitement.

This year I “expect” God to guide me, to inspire me and to nudge me to grow beyond my own expectations.  I also know God expects me to challenge myself, to push past just living each day.  I know I’m going to feel His shove and maybe even fall on my face a few times but I’m ready.  Last year had its ups and downs, forwards and backwards, unders and overs and there was a lot of “holding my breath”.  I see this year as an explosion of new beginnings, creative wonders, and a willing heart to stretch myself beyond the usual borders of my life.  I humbly and excitedly anticipate being able meet the tasks in front of me.

I hope to share with you as each expectation becomes a reality or note the bumps along my path. I hope that you’ve chosen a special word for this new 2013 and find peace and joy in your expectations.

Blessings for your 2013



Love Endures, It Will Never Fade Away

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Love is in the air! So is our North Carolinian Lady Like model, Cali, whose boyfriend is receiving the sweetest, most perfect smooch. You might have seen that we’ve updated our Valentine’s line with newbies! We sell heart headbands year round, but we’re in love with the way Cali wears hers for this photoshoot. Wrecklessgirl is scheduled to post the rest of this session on her blog very soon!


Shannon Sewell, Dreamers, & A Giveaway!

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Wowsa, this December has been booming. We are keeping up with the holiday rush and we’re really, really grateful for all the support we’ve been getting from local friends, and friends far away (like you)! First of all, as we posted recently, Gussy Sews has hooked us up with a Giveaway hosted on her blog — last chance to enter here:!

Nextly, our dear friend (and sponsor — look to the left in our sidebar), amazing photographer Shannon Sewell is hosting a giveaway of our maroon bow tie headband — on her blog!

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So, yet another chance to win a Lady Like Headband. We’re so excited! Wreckless designed the blogsite for Dreamer Journal as well! Having so many creative friends is such a blessing that I never want to take for granted!

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