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Love Endures, It Will Never Fade Away

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Love is in the air! So is our North Carolinian Lady Like model, Cali, whose boyfriend is receiving the sweetest, most perfect smooch. You might have seen that we’ve updated our Valentine’s line with newbies! We sell heart headbands year round, but we’re in love with the way Cali wears hers for this photoshoot. Wrecklessgirl is scheduled to post the rest of this session on her blog very soon!


Shannon Sewell, Dreamers, & A Giveaway!

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Wowsa, this December has been booming. We are keeping up with the holiday rush and we’re really, really grateful for all the support we’ve been getting from local friends, and friends far away (like you)! First of all, as we posted recently, Gussy Sews has hooked us up with a Giveaway hosted on her blog — last chance to enter here:!

Nextly, our dear friend (and sponsor — look to the left in our sidebar), amazing photographer Shannon Sewell is hosting a giveaway of our maroon bow tie headband — on her blog!

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So, yet another chance to win a Lady Like Headband. We’re so excited! Wreckless designed the blogsite for Dreamer Journal as well! Having so many creative friends is such a blessing that I never want to take for granted!

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End of April

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Can’t believe it’s the end of April. So anxious for warm weather to plant my veggie garden. It’s all prepped and ready for the plants. The garden looks lonely, with just a few rows of lettuce and lots of dirt. Went to Masters Gardeners event in town on Saturday and saw all these incredibly healthy, beautiful tomato and pepper plants. I wanted to buy all of them. But have to wait a few weeks until the ground warms up and frost warnings are over.

Have been doing some knitting and sewing but not as much as I’d like. Still working on baby sweaters and some sewing projects. I start my new quilting class next Tuesday which I’m so excited about. I’ve made quilts for family and babies but I really want to learn all the tricks of quilting. The real deal!

Having book club girls here tonight for our monthly meeting. We read “The Help” which was a terrific novel and would recommend it. So off I go to start cooking my “famous” beef barley stew/soup which everyone asks for.

A beautiful morning


Went for a walk this morning in the misty overcast. Along the way, the sun broke thru the clouds and warmed everything around me. The battery in my IPod died just about the same time that I met an elderly lady named Libby who was also out walking. She moved over on the sidewalk for me to pass and for some reason I just stopped to talk with her. We ended up walking and talking for about 2.5 miles. It was great. Never met her before but she doesn’t live far from me. We talked like we were everyday friends. She was athletic and loved the outdoors. Found a penny on the road and gave it to her. Told her when you find a penny you give it away for luck. Before we split for home, she said she hopes we meet up again. How sweet…what a wonderful morning it is!